Child Immunisations




Childhood Immunisations

Vaccines are the most effective way to protect you and your child from many serious and potentially deadly diseases. They also protect other people in your community – by helping to stop diseases spreading to people who cannot have vaccines. Vaccines undergo rigorous safety testing before being introduced – they’re also constantly monitored for side effects after being introduced. It is important to stick to the immunisation schedule, as a delay can leave your child unprotected and vulnerable to infection.


image of child being immunised


Further reading

There are some excellent websites that will answer all your questions and queries about immunisation and vaccination. If you are worried about giving the MMR vaccine, you should access the MMR site.

NHS Choices - Immunisation Information
The most comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate source of information on vaccines, disease and immunisation in the UK. 

NHS Choices - MMR Information
This website has been put together to answer any questions you might have about MMR. You can look for information and resources in the MMR library, ask an expert panel a question, and read up on the latest news stories relating to MMR.