Cockenzie and Port Seton Gala




It was a huge honour for us to crown the 75th Gala Queen and very 1st King!

Here is a copy of Pete's speech from the ceremony

The Gala King and Queen


"Firstly how incredible are these children?....It’s pretty nerve-wracking up here – there are a LOT of teachers! There has been a huge amount of effort put in by the Gala Committee and kids to look this professional. I have been a bit of a poor attendee at rehearsals – but I have been smiling, not checking my phone….I did watch the dress rehearsal at Westminster Abbey with those crusty old stand-ins but I’m relieved the committee have manage to shave 7 hours off proceedings….we didn’t really invite Harry either – I don’t know if he is here...

Cockenzie & Port Seton really is the most amazing community and the Gala perhaps represents that more than anything else. I have never been an honourable gentleman before (that sounds wrong) but it truly has been the honour of my life to try and serve this wonderful village….obviously my wife has always been an honourable Lady. Dr Willie Pollock actually crowned the 50th Gala Queen so it is a huge privilege not just for me, but for the Harbours Medical Practice to have the honour of crowning the 75th Queen and the very first King!

The medical practice may have a vested interest as studies have shown that the closest predictor of a long and happy old age is NOT your blood pressure or cholesterol aged 50…it is not money, or fame, or ‘success’ – but the number of close supportive relationships with family, friends and neighbours. So these friendships here may have a bigger impact on your health than almost anything else…apart from avoiding Prime Energy drink – which is toxic.

If it does go wrong, I have pledged to provide excellent medical care to Sophie & Kail, and to all members of the court – although they’ll need to phone at 8:30 in the morning for an appointment like everyone else….

So I hope everyone has a fantastic day and that these memories – like these friendships - will last a lifetime - please join me in offering a huge round of applause not just to the Gala Committee, to the members of the court, to their Royal Highnesses Sophie & Kail…..but to all of you and ALL the children of Cockenzie & Port Seton….the most incredible community in Scotland. Thank you…."

Published: May 24, 2023