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Many of you are continuing to manage your long term conditions during this Covid 19 pandemic so we have developed a series of videos to help you. Take a look!....they may give you some new tips to try and optimise the control of your condition.


Mental Health

Mental Health 2





High Blood Pressure

Type 2 Diabetes


Chronic Pain




Why should I run?


Doctor Doodle Dad

This is a series of wonderfully imaginative, helpful videos from our friend at Prestonpans Group Practice Dr Zain Kapasi…

How to be happy

How to improve your mood


How to form new habits

How to lose weight without "going on a diet"


How to have a healthy gut biome

How to have a long and healthy life


How to get better sleep

What can a diabetic eat


How to be more resilient

Who Are Your Heroes?


How to stop a Panic Attack

Reduce your Blood Pressure without using drugs


How to do Cold Water Exposure and is it good for you

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes: Expert Tips For Achieving Remission


How to Cure Anxiety And Reclaim Your Power



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