Things to try with us...Run




Things to try with us: Run

I cannot overstate the benefits that a lifetime of running has given to my physical and mental health.

Sometimes runs have been easy & joyful….sometimes runs are stiff & painful but I have always felt better afterwards.

So that's that then - I managed to run at least 5K every day in 2022. 

Running up and down the garden through a sticky tunnel of painful mucus due to Covid, running up and down steep frozen roads in a ski resort with tired legs and slightly drunk, and finally running for 2 weeks with 4 fractured ribs after a fall. I can honestly say each run gave me more than it might have cost. Some were joyful celebrations up a hill or along a deserted beach in our beautiful country, some were explorations of pain and suffering that I could hardly bare at the time yet will never forget...most were just short adventures in an otherwise busy day. A chance to breathe. I spent a long time looking at running shoes trying to find the willpower to tie them up....but will spend a longer time looking back with the confidence that I always did. 

I will keep running and would encourage anyone who is able to do the same.

If you ever want to join us, we'll keep running from the surgery car park at 2 o'clock on a Tuesday on the same route...but wherever and whenever you run, or whatever you might be able to do, we will be moving forward with you...

Things to try with us: Run MAP


  • Start at Harbours Medical Practice car park
  • Take South Lorimer Place until Whin Park Play Area
  • Turn left onto Public Path heading west (around back of substation)
  • Across field to the Edinburgh Rd (Coast Rd) heading west
  • Turn right onto John Muir Way footpath (before dentist) heading east around power station site
  • Past Cockenzie Harbour
  • Past Port Seton Harbour
  • Cut across the Links back to Links Rd (Coast Road) heading west
  • Turn left onto Avenue Rd back to surgery