Things to try with us...Run




Things to try with us: Run

I cannot overstate the benefits that a lifetime of running has given to my physical and mental health.

Sometimes runs have been easy & joyful….sometimes runs are stiff & painful but I have always felt better afterwards.

To celebrate I am going to try and run 5K every day in 2022. I’m squeezing these runs in around work and family things but will try and run at 2pm every Tuesday from the practice car park. This is an hour where we encourage all our staff to spend time doing something for their wellbeing – whatever that might be.

I'd love it if you would join me for a run and blether…we’ll go at the speed of the slowest runner – which might be me!

If I'm not there at 2pm please go without me - I might be on holiday or life has got in the way for a bit and I'll see you soon...

Things to try with us: Run MAP


  • Start at Harbours Medical Practice car park
  • Take South Lorimer Place until Whin Park Play Area
  • Turn left onto Public Path heading west (around back of substation)
  • Across field to the Edinburgh Rd (Coast Rd) heading west
  • Turn right onto John Muir Way footpath (before dentist) heading east around power station site
  • Past Cockenzie Harbour
  • Past Port Seton Harbour
  • Cut across the Links back to Links Rd (Coast Road) heading west
  • Turn left onto Avenue Rd back to surgery